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Universal Rear Car Grid, 94-114 x 69 cm, silver/black

Universal Rear Car Grid, 94-114 x 69 cm, silver/black
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Universal Rear Car Grid, 94-114 x 69 cm, silver/black
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  • Model: 201.13201
  • SKU: 201.13201
Turns the car boot into a dog box
  • Measurements: 94–114 × 69 × 53 cm, for item: 13201
  • For placing behind the boot lid
  • Suitable for almost all car types
  • Width continuously adjustable thanks to adjustable lateral parts
  • Angle of grid adjustable
  • Use of the full car boot as lying area
  • Simply fold away for use of the car boot
  • To get over the loading sill, door can be mounted at two levels
  • With fixture for attaching padlock
  • With non-slip lying mat: machine washable up to 30 °C
  • Base plate with hook and loop fasteners at feet
  • With 4 attachment hooks
  • Height extension available separately (item 13202)
  • Aluminium/hardboard/plastic


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