The intention of this blog is to gather and share information that will help us and our pets enjoy together a healthier, happier and hopefully, longer life.

For the last few years I have had the rewarding opportunity to spent time with people who really care for their animal companions. I have realized that people who share their time and space with their animal companions are somehow healthier, happier and nicer people.

You will find in this blog the experiences of other pet guardians, the advice of professionals such as veterinary doctors, trainers, groomers and breeders, along with useful and detailed information on pet foods, accessories, cosmetics and many other products we used in our daily life.

Just like me, this blog is multicultural and in many instances multilingual. I believe we will all get the hung of it, after all there is nothing better that to talk about what we love and in this case, the animals we enjoy raising and protecting.