Sterilising your cat or dog can bring many advantages, including birth control, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and the reduced risk of their developing breast cancer.

However, if left unmanaged, sterilisation can also bring unwanted changes to your pets’ lives, such as weight gain and behavioural changes.

You need to know how to care for your pets throughout this transition, from modifying their diets to heightening the level of affection you show them, so that all may continue as before.



As already mentioned, sterilisation may cause your pets to gain weight, among other impacts. This is because obesity is related to hormonal changes in their metabolism. Sterilisation may both reduce your pets’ activity drive and increase their appetite, meaning you must carefully monitor the type and quantity of food you give them daily. We recommend that you alter their diet to one that is low in fats but high in fibre, so that our friends remain satisfied and well-nourished after each meal. The Summit 10 range of products offers targeted nutrition for sterilised pets, helping to strengthen their immune systems whilst also accounting for varying energy requirements: we suggest you try ‘Summit10 WholeChoice Neutered Cats’ or ‘Summit10 WholeChoice Dog Senior/Light’, depending on your pet.

Another change you may notice in your pets is in their behaviour, given that the lack of sexual hormones can diminish their desire to play and, therefore, their energy expenditure. For this reason, we recommend that you play with them often in order to encourage them to continue exercising as they would usually. Throw balls for them to chase and retrieve; give them toys to play with; and, generally, try to stimulate their curiosity… This way they’ll be able to release their energy and stay fit and active.


Following sterilisation, our best friends will still be the same pets we know and love, but it’s our duty to ensure they stay as happy and healthy as they were before.

#Special thanks to Summit10 for their blog article